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Currently the maximum permissible number of customers is in the ticket shop.

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Explanation of the "Ticket light"

GREEN = Currently tickets available
YELLOW = Few tickets currently available
RED = No tickets available at the moment

As soon as it is your turn, further instructions for entering the ticket shop will appear automatically. It is essential that you keep this website in the foreground and visible area.

Please note that from the moment you are asked to enter the ticket shop, you will receive a window of 10 minutes to enter the ticket shop, namely out of consideration for other customers of the Bayreuth Festival. If you do not enter the ticket shop within this period, your waiting position will be transferred to the next waiting customer.

You have the possibility to purchase a total of up to 12 tickets. Up to 4 tickets can be purchased per work resp. Deviating from this, from the price category (PK) 7, the number is limited to 2 tickets per work played owing to the high demand.

Wheelchair seats and accompanying persons can only be purchased directly from the Bayreuth Festival ticket office. Please send an e-mail to ticket@bayreuther-festspiele.de.

Please note: If you have a credit balance, this will now be automatically offset in the online instant purchase. Any remaining credit will be automatically refunded to you; it is not possible to carry it forward for the 2022 season. An order for the 2022 season would therefore no longer be allocated preferentially.

Important note: In addition to the ticket price, there is a fee of 4.00 Euro per sold seat. Please also note that the ticket prices for new productions are higher than for the other works.

Access to the ticket shop is not possible without prior registration!
Der fliegende Holländer am 25. Juli 2021 um 18 Uhr im Kino