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Currently, the maximum number of customers allowed is in the Ticket Shop.

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Explanation of the "Ticket traffic light"

GREEN = Tickets currently available
YELLOW = Few tickets available at the moment
RED = No tickets available at the moment

Once it is your turn, further instructions on how to enter the ticket shop will automatically appear. To do this, it is imperative that you keep this web page in the foreground and in the visible area.

Please note, that from the time you are asked to enter the Ticket Shop, you will be given a time window of 10 minutes to enter the Ticket Shop out of consideration for other Bayreuth Festival customers. If you do not enter the Ticket Shop within this period, your waiting position will be transferred to the next waiting customer.

You have the option of purchasing up to 32 tickets in total. Up to 8 tickets can be purchased per work. Deviating from this, in the price categories G1 to G4 the number is limited to 2 tickets per performed work due to high demand.

Wheelchair seats and accompanying persons can only be purchased directly from the Bayreuth Festival ticket office. Please send an e-mail to ticket@bayreuther-festspiele.de.

Please note: If you have a credit balance, this will now be automatically offset in the online instant purchase.

Please note: In addition to the ticket price, a fee of 6.00 euros is charged for each seat sold.

No access to the ticket shop possible without prior registration!
Registration is possible after passing through the queue.